About us

A group to represent all the crazy fighter kites players all around the world and growing family of Desi Patang-baz originated from Pakistan, Lahore / India and spread all over the world by enthusiastic players, individuals and lovers of Patang-bazi.

We promote and support SAFE kite flying in Pakistan and all around the world.

It all started from a single member when we made the group. Haider Sherwani along with Khalid Malik created the group and now it has progressed to 26000 + members. The group has now 12 Admins
which are Atif Shahzad, Zain abid Manj, Muhammad Saleh, Majid Aziz, Farman Butt, Shahzad Alam, Asha Gi, Umer and Ali Qadir, Ahmed Razi.

The milestones which we achieved in this time span of 7 years are

gudda in air

1. Biggest database of Pictures related to kite flying around the world

2. The biggest Interactive Group of Fighter Kite Flying Patangbazi In the World.

3. An Interactive Website

4. UK Kite flying Setup Now consists of Two Teams – East and West London and its timely growth with 3 new teams of Team North-west, Team Manchester and Team Wales

5. Different Partner Groups and Clubs.

6. 2 UK Cup 2013-14and 15-2016.

7. You-tube Channel of Kite Flying.

8. Lahore CUP 2015-16 among team Desi Snipers and Team Villans

9. Lot  more activities to come…


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